The BluePier technology, as the first technology to provide multicast, perceptually zero latency audio content streaming synchronous with visual content that is not streamed via Bluetooth, allows easy, user selectable opt in to multiple audio content streams via users’ own Bluetooth enabled devices, regardless of whether the functional capabilities of such user devices are basic or advanced.  The BluePier technology opens up a wide variety of new types of applications within the audio augmentation space, which so far has been limited due to usage of closed systems, or limitations on the use of audio due to noise or privacy concerns.

Existing personal area network systems based upon widely adopted, cost effective technology such as Bluetooth cannot deliver distinct audio streams to multiple users’ wireless networking devices on a dynamic, user selective basis, where such audio streams remain reliably synchronized with visual information that is not streamed with its corresponding audio.  Existing Bluetooth networking systems (e.g., proximity marketing systems) can distribute identical content to multiple users, but are not configured to provide dynamic content multicasting to subsets of users.  Additionally, existing Bluetooth networking systems are not capable of streaming audio content that provides reliable audio synchronization with associated visual content when such visual content is not correspondingly streamed to users’ Bluetooth devices.

BluePier technology provides a single master control system that enables the streaming of audio content from multiple independent audio content sources to multiple users’ Bluetooth devices, where such audio content is reliably synchronized with associated visual content that is not streamed to the users’ Bluetooth devices.  The audio content – visual content synchronization provided by BluePier technology eliminates the need for any significant processing of received audio content by users’ Bluetooth devices.