BluePier (BT)

BluePier is an Audio Augmentation hotspot based on Bluetooth technology that allows users to opt in to multi-channel low-latency live-streaming audio using their own Bluetooth headsets.

The BluePier hotspot can easily be configured and connected to existing audio and audiovisual equipment by operators as an alternative to loudspeakers and accessed within seconds by users without the need to purchase or use specialized equipment..

BluePier allows operators the opportunity to manage the sound scene by reducing noise and catering for users/customers with multichannel audio.

Users with a standard Bluetooth headset can connect and choose from 4 audio channels simply by placing the headset in discovery mode when in a BluePier covered area. Connecting initially to a default channel users can browse through channels using the multifunction button on the headset.

Simultaneous users are limited to maximum 21 users. The connection is done directly with the headset making the use of a smart device such as a phone unnecessary.

The platform helps venues create individual audio experiences for the users.

Venue requirements: BluePier is plug’n play. Connect a BluePier unit to up to 4 existing audio sources and turn on power. Within a minute the unit will have configured itself and start broadcasting. Additional configuration can be done via a smartphone with Bluetooth or via the internet if the unit is connected to a local area network with internet access.