What we do

Since the beginning of 2010 we have worked hard to solve the universal problem of noise within specific audio delivery in the public space and venues. Specific audio delivery is either blurred by background noise or the exact cause of the same. We have chosen to attack the problem at its source. Conventional speakers are indiscriminately delivering audio, which are being pushed to the users, without offering a choice.

Both Mojn (Wi-Fi to Smartphone) and the BluePier (Bluetooth to Headsets) platforms are designed to deliver audio that can be accessed by users at choice rather than being pushed. The audio can be delivered synchronized with separate video content being delivered, utilizing users own equipment as receivers.

We have designed our platforms to deliver multiple audio channels and audio services with a very low latency to the individual user who can listen in without creating noise or nuisance to people nearby.

We in this way help venues of any kind to empower their guests, users, visitors or by-passers, by giving them the choice of selecting their preferred audio.