Mikael Østerrøgild Nielsen, CEO and Founder

When founding Mojn, Mikael Østerrøgild Nielsen, was leaving a job as finance and board director at the Icelandic-Dutch company Marel’s Singaporean manufacturing and sales subsidiary from 2009-2010. In the initial phase of the Mojn project he also contributed to the entrepreneurial scene in Singapore representing British based Angels Den helping local entrepreneurs raise capital  for start-up projects during 2010.

Prior to his role in Marel, Mikael Østerrøgild Nielsen, was acting as commercial manager and financial controller at the Japanese subsidiary of the Danish, R&D based, niche pharmaceutical company H. Lundbeck A/S, from 2001-2009. Prior to this and in parallel he was an officer in the Danish army, holding  the rank as first lieutenant being in the reserve from 1996-2008 after three years of service.

Mikael Østerrøgild Nielsen holds a B.Sc in Japanese management, graduating with special recognition and has studied M.Sc. in Intercultural management from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He has also studied and holds diplomas from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), and Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. He is fluent in Japanese.



Morten Rank Levison, Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Morten Rank Levison Joined BluePier in the summer 2012 after 2 decades of international Sales and business development roles in Danish high end audio and Video equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. His latest role was based out of Dubai, where he was spearheading the international Business development towards gloabal key account in the real estate project industries in the in South America, South East Asia, Oceania and Middle East / Africa regions.

Prior to joining Bang & Olufsen Morten Rank Levison was a certified electrician and have since obtained a Master level degree in business & economics from part time studies. Besides English, Morten Rank Levison speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and basic German.

In parallel to his role in BluePier, Morten Rank Levison is working with business development for Bene AG based out of Dubai.



Kim Muurholm Jurgensen, co Founder

Kim Muurholm Jurgensen joined BluePier in 2013 while working full time for for a global leader in Audio and Visual solutions. Based out of Bangkok, he has build a deep knowledge of conference audio  and related network technologies and have been a pivotal player in growing their business.